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For building sites in industry we offer you a complete service. Everything starts with the design of your new structural work. We think together with your designers about the possible dangers that can be produced once you take your construction into use and we also think about the dangers for your contractors when they try to establish it. Based on these analyses we create a HSEQ plan that will help to keep your accident rate on zero. We can also make the total design ourselves by using a CAD program.

During the execution of the project our job responsibilities can diverge the way you want but we always ensure that the contractors will be screened and that they after that will work as written down in the HSEQ plan. A coordinating committee will be established and a journal will be kept.

A manual will also be made for contractors that will work on this construction after finishing it (e.g. location of cables when they are different from the original plan).

Further on you can turn to us for making an introduction movie for new employees, training movies and so on. By using film we ensure you that the message of safety will be clear because one image says more then a 1000 words can explain.

For al these projects our experts have a long experience for working at heavy industrial plants.

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