Safety Coordination

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Safety experts for your projects

Everyone who is building or rebuilding a house is obliged by law to appoint a safety expert. The safety expert design will think along with the architect about how to make a safe residence for living. Further on, he makes a health and safety plan which contains the instructions for the building contractors. The principal is responsible if an accident occurs on his building site, but by making a good HSEQ plan the responsibility will be given to the contractor.

There is also need for a safety coordinator execution; this coordinator will be on site once a week and he makes the co-ordination journal which is a collection of letters, emails and reports of site visitings and so on. He also makes the co-ordination manual for work that will be done in the future. This manual contains information about the used materials, technical information, as-built plans, and information about the used techniques. By using this manual, you will avoid accidents and you can be sure that you live in a safe construction. Should you try to sell your house later on, the notary can ask for the co-ordination manual.

Seqconsult offers safety experts who will be an added value to your project instead of an added cost and we guarantee you that by letting us think with you, you will recover the costs within the execution of the project.

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