Energy Certificate

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The energy certificate is the result of the European directive concerning the energy level of buildings. The energy certificate (short EPC) is obligated when you sell or let a residence. The energy certificate has a validity of ten years. There is no need for making a new certificate when the residence is sold or let within those ten years. Of course a copy, in case of leasing out, or the original certificate has to be given to the new occupant or owner. If new energy-saving measures are taken, the owner will benefit from making a new certificate. It is obvious that the new certificate will give a better score then the old one so that the property will have a higher market value as a result.

The EPC expresses the energetic quality of a residence by means of a base figure. With this number the energetic performance of residences can be compared with one another. The certificate also mentions some energy saving measures; these measures are merely meant as advice and are not required to be complied with. Thanks to the EPC future occupants of the residence have a clear view on the energy performance of their residence.

The EPC can only be made by approved energy-experts of the A level. These experts can be provided by Seqconsult. For real estate agencies and notary offices we give special conditions.

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